Gold Seeker Books - The Nugget  Shooters Field Guide - Reese Townes


When done correctly, detecting for gold nuggets, yields more gold for the effort you put into searching for the precious yellow metal.

It will increase your chances of finding new locations with gold deposits more often than any other method of mining.

This book will give the seasoned nugget hunter even more knowledge and skills to find more gold, and it will give a less experienced nugget hunter an advantage over someone who doesn't learn these skills and strategies. This book is essential for the nugget hunter worldwide. Go ahead purchase my book you will be glad you did.  -  Reese Townes.

The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide - Reese Townes - Gold Seeker Books

The Nugget Shooter's Field Guide

The Definitive Book on Gold Detecting & Electronic Prospecting


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born and raised in Montana, Reese Townes was introduced to prospecting and detecting for gold at an early age when his father became a dealer for Garrett Metal Detectors in Great Falls, Montana, in 1980. Reese quickly took to detecting and panning for gold in an area with a rich gold production history. It continued to be a big part of his life as he grew older. He has had the privilege of learning about geology and its relationship with gold...



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