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I would like to invite all who detect for gold to give my new book The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide a try. I wrote this book specifically for the gold nugget detectorist (Nugget Shooter’s) to help you think outside the box when hunting for nuggets.

This book is 120 pages with 170 full-color photos, many of which have color-coded lines, arrows, and circles to denote key points of interest.

I am sure you will enjoy this book and after you read it, if you have any questions about the Townes Theory, or anything else, send me an email and I will answer your questions. Thank you all for your support and interest in this new and thought-provoking book on gold nugget detecting.

- Reese Townes, Author of The Nugget shooter’s Field Guide  

Excerpt from The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide

“There are many areas all across the western United States that have old riverbeds perched up on mountainsides. These gravels will often be visible on ridges and benches and if you climb to a higher elevation, at times, you will be able to spot them. The old-timers would employ this technique, looking down across the gulch, as they were able to see through the trees better at the slopes to spot the remnants of rounded river rock from these old rivers.

These old rivers exposed on mountainsides were known as “The White Line” because the rounded river rocks, when exposed from erosion, would form an intermittent white line, indicating the path of the old channel.”

"I think a lot of people detecting for gold are unaware of what mass wasting is and how much it has to do with the deposition of eluvial gold deposits into stream systems thus forming the alluvial gold deposits. It is the above-average heavy snow accumulations and rainfall combined with above-average temperatures in the spring months that cause over-saturation on mountain slopes, and causes the earthen material to become oversaturated and heavy, causing landslides and flows depositing gold into the stream systems. "


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