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The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide

When done correctly, detecting yields more for the effort

you put into searching for gold nuggets and increases your chances of finding the locations that produce the coveted yellow metal. In this book, you learn strategies for detecting dredge tailings, hard rock tailings, hydraulic mining, ancient river channels, heavily forested regions, and much more. You will also learn the Townes’ Theory, which will help you identify the earliest stage of a present stream channel. In short, the Townes’ Theory can put you on top of more nuggets! These strategies, techniques, tips and applied theories can be applied worldwide.



  •  Detecting tips & strategies
  •  Geology in relation to gold
  •  Mass Wasting & Gold Deposits
  •  Detectors, coils & gear
  •  Detecting and base camp safety (With Stories of True Events)
  •  Sampling, Hydro-Shocking & Cleaning Quartz/Gold Specimens

The Nugget Shooter’s Field Guide includes 170 color photos with color-coded markers to help you identify key factors as well as techniques to help you find more nuggets more consistently.

New Book is in the process of being written now, Called

"Strategic Gold Detecting - The Art & Science Of Gold Nugget Exploration & Recovery"

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